Labor….Part 1

It started on Friday night.  A contraction.  Nothing too crazy, but I knew it was time to get this party started.  You were coming!!  You were late, which I did not appreciate, but you were finally on your way here.  Let me paint the time line.  You were due on 01.24.16.  It was now 01.29.16.  And I just knew, by the end of the weekend, I would be home cuddling on sweet baby Emma.

Friday night, I reached out to my doula and midwife to let them know contractions were happening and I would be coming to the hospital very soon.  Erich downloaded the contraction timing app, and we started watching the clock.  They got close together, far apart, close together, far apart…and by morning, they had basically stopped.  I was confused about why they stopped, but no one seemed worried so we went to breakfast.  We got back home and the contractions occasionally came and went.  Nothing too big to worry about, but by nightfall we were back in full swing.  So again, I reached out to my midwife and doula.  And again, nothing happened that evening but a lot more contractions.

By Sunday morning, I was not happy.  I was tired, irritable, and frustrated.  The contractions were, at their closest, 8 minutes apart, and I was dead tired.  This had now been going on since Friday.  It’s very difficult to sleep when your uterus is contracting all day and all night.  Even though they weren’t “movie painful”, they weren’t exactly pleasant.  I was on a mission to make you come out on Sunday, so I did squats, we took walks, I rotated on my yoga ball, we had sex, I ate spicy foods, I drank teas, I did everything the books said to do.  You know what happened Sunday night???  NOTHING.

Monday morning I had a doctor appointment.  Erich and I took the hour trip to the OBGYN, and I was sure she was going to tell me you were on the way.  But no.  I was only 80% effaced, and 2 cm dilated.  I wanted to cry.  I was told I could go on to the hospital to induce, or wait a few more days and see what may happen.  My birthing plan called for a natural birth, so I was not looking forward to induction.  But, my midwife was about to go out of town, so I needed to make a decision because I did not want a traditional doctor birthing my child.  After a talk with the hubs, we decided if there was no baby by tomorrow morning, we would induce.  But, I was confident you were coming on your own because the contractions were getting stronger.

Monday night came and went.  Contraction.  Contraction.  Contraction.  No baby.

Tuesday morning, we packed up, and took the hour-long journey to the hospital.  I was crushed that I was about to be induced, but I was so very very tired.  And I was so so anxious to meet my new baby girl.  I just wanted an end point to this long journey.  So, induction it was.  And at 10:30am on 02.02.16, I was induced.  I had 24 hours to give birth in order to keep you safe.  After 24 hours babies are at risk for infection, and doctors start chattering about c-sections.  Neither thing sounded appealing.

I opted for a pain med free induction and birth.  I did not want that Pitocin anywhere near me.  Nor did I want to hear the word epidural.  I had my midwife, and my doula.  I had Erich to keep me strong, and I had a warrior mentality that was ready for whatever came my way.  I was going to stay strong and bring you into this world the way God intended. Naturally.

I was happily strolling along with Erich in the hospital hall when the first real contraction hit.  It was not like any of the others I had.  This was a big, fat, not fun at all contraction.  And with this contraction came a gushing body of water out of me and all over the hallway.  My new slippers were ruined, and I was so disgusted I wanted to die.  I looked at Erich in terror and panic, and he laughed.  But, I figured, that must mean you were on the way.  So, I got cleaned up and ready to start this birthing party.

And oh what a party it was.

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