The Half Year Needs & Other Crap


At some point in the beginning of my time as a mom, I wrote about my wants and my needs as a mother.  Oh, here’s the link;  What you need  What I know now, is these things shift as Emma ages.  So, as I was talking to my friend who is about to have twins, I thought I would update this idea for anyone dealing with a 6+mo old.   Because the difference between a newborn and 6 month old is vast.   It’s crazy, but true.  So, here are some things you may want, but don’t need.  And some things you will need to make life easier.  And some things I left out of my first post regarding all of this.  Enjoy my brain dump.

  • You NEED a carrier.  Especially if you are a breastfeeding mother.  I have gone thru 3 different ones, and my very most favorite of all is the ErgoBaby Four Positions 360. Not only is this carrier incredibly comfortable to wear, it allows Emma to relax in several different positions as she grows.  And the best feature for me, is that I can still feed her easily in it without removing her.  It’s concealing enough that I can walk around stores while feeding, and people don’t notice.  I LOVE this carrier!!
  • You NEED a good breast pump.  There are a million out there, and what is great is that insurance will cover one.  I went with the Hygeia Q.  It’s a bit noisy, but honestly, all other pumps are too.  For me, it works great and has been a god send for building a milky stash.   
  • If you are going to be breastfeeding, you are also going to NEED bags, bottles, etc to store the pumped milk in.  I am a Kiinde girl.  100%.  I use the whole system, minus the bottle warmer (mentioned in 1st blog entry).  Emma loves the bottles, and I love the pure convenience of the system.  I pump straight into the bag, then toss it in the fridge.  And now that she is eating more foods, I make the food and throw it in the bag and attach the spoon feeder.  Some people have said that the bags don’t measure accurately, but I have found they are pretty spot on if you open them up correctly at the bottom.   
  • You NEED a jumper.  Regardless of what kind you opt for, get your baby a jumper.  Not only is it lots of entertainment to see your kid bouncing all around, it builds strong muscles for baby.  I opted for the Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper, and it was one of the best buys we made for our kid.  Highly, HIGHLY, recommend a jumper.  Whether it’s a jolly jumper that hangs from a doorway, or a stand alone jumper, go get one.  
  • You still NEED like 1 million onesies.  Not so much because of spit up now, but because they are outgrowing them weekly, it seems.  I stick with basic onesies these days unless I run across some great deal on them.  Carters sells packs of 5, and I just swoop them up.  I have them back stocked all the way to 2T at this point because I’m a bit of a pre-planner.  
  • You NEED activity toys.  I love all things Baby Einstein & Fisher Price.  If it sings, plays music, makes noise, or is incredibly colorful, I get it.  I love watching Emma light up when her toys make noise for her.  And I love watching her figure them out. A lot of parents don’t like toys with noise, but I think they are vital for development. We have a large book stash as well, but she mostly sees her books as chew toys.  I continue to read to her, but it’s mostly a battle to keep her still and focused.  She’s 7mo and figuring out she can move around on her own, so I don’t expect her to be super focused on books.  We will get there.  
  • I make most of my childs food.  So for me, a food processor was a NEED.  They have so many options at the baby store, but I wanted something useful for more than just her, so I opted for a Cuisinart.  I’ve got a nice stash of meals ready in the freezer for her, and I can also make anything fresh with a quickness.   I purchased mine at Macy’s on a holiday sale.  Full price is just silly.  
  • Basically, all things Nuby you NEED.  Honestly, they make such great things.  This brand got us thru teething, first sip cups, spoons, nibblers, etc.  There is not one product from them I have brought home that I don’t like.  
  • You NEED a good nipple cream.  You need this from the very beginning, but as those teeth start to pop in, it’s a whole new ballgame.  I prefer a balm without Lanolin.  It has recently been proven that Lanolin traps moisture which does not aid in healing, and also can contain pesticides.  I also prefer mine without parabens, mineral oils, or fragrance because I don’t want to wipe it off prior to nursing, and I don’t want to ensue allergic reaction.  Breastmilk works wonders on a sore nipple, but I still like something a bit more moisturizing.  I recommend these brands;  Earth Mama Angel Baby, Shea Moisture, Motherlove, and Honest Co.  
  • At this age, you NEED a convertible car seat.  Your kiddo is probably getting really heavy to tote around in that car seat carrier, and they will appreciate having more room to hang out in the car.  Our car rides became far more enjoyable once we moved Emma into a bigger seat.  She loves her seat, and will ride for hours while looking out the window or snoozing.   We are huge lovers of the Recaro brand.  We started with their infant seat and stroller set, and moved into the Rally.  I can’t imagine using another brand for a car seat.  
  • You do NEED coffee.  This is really just because I swear I sleep less with her being older, than I did when she was a newborn.  And it takes a lot of energy to chase a new crawler/climber/walker around all day.  So, this is for the parents.  Learn to love coffee.  And at night, have a glass of wine.  You earned it.  


  • You do NOT NEED shoes for your kid.  Yea, they look cute, but they will fall off, get lost, kicked off, or pulled off.  They are stupid.  If it’s winter, throw some socks on their feet and keep it moving.  If it’s summer, let those fat little toes hang out.  
  • You do NOT NEED a changing table.  Don’t invest in one.  You can change your kid anywhere.  I mostly use the floor now.  At 7mo there is no way she would lay on a table to be changed.  It’s like fighting a war every time I try and change her.  She’s strong, she wiggles, and she thinks diaper time is a fun game we play.   It is not nearly as fun for mommy.   
  • You DO NOT need fancy clothes, headbands, hats, bows, or anything else that is acccessory like.  Yea, it looks cute, but it’s not for kiddos comfort.  These things are solely for the parent to show off their kid.  I think my kids just as cute with her insanely fluffy hair while wearing a white onesie.  Not to say I don’t think these excessive things are adorable, but they aren’t necessary.  
  • You DO NOT need a super duper, lavish, stylish, expensive stroller.  I had one and my child hated it. She would scream every time I went to put her in it.  Someone sat her in a cheap little umbrella stroller, and she was happy as could be.  So after some research and shopping, I went with a Qbit LTE.  This thing is a dream!!  It folds up so so tiny and weighs nothing.  Emma can cruise in this for hours and be happy.  I can’t speak highly enough about this stroller.  
  • You DO NOT need an ipad for your baby.   I love technology as much as the next person, but I choose to entertain my kid myself.  She does get to watch some nursery rhyme tv in the evening, but she does not get to indulge in it.  We take a lot of walks in the woods, we look at a lot of books, we do mommy/kiddo yoga, and we play on the floor.  Spending hundreds of dollars of some tech device for my 7mo old seems crazy. And I see more and more kids holding them in their strollers.   Mind Blown.  
  • You DO NOT need a bunch of medicines.  Kids will get ill, but you don’t have to pump them with synthetic crap.  As I type this, baby girl is feeling under the weather with her first allergy/cold symptoms.  I blame Ohio weather.  But, so much can be made in house.  I started looking up ingredients to help soothe the stuffiness and runny nose. I made her a lavendar/eucalyptus mixture to boil in her room while she naps. I also mixed a bit of it with some coconut oil to rub over her chest.   I made our own salt water drops for her nose, and I use that sucker ball thing to suck out the mucus.  Yes, it’s more work, but it’s worthwhile.  I know what is being put on her, and to me, that’s worth a million bucks.   There are so many homeopathic remedies for things.  So, I urge you, as a parent to do some research and take charge over their wellness before diving into over the counter drugs.  

Kids need so many things.  And as they grow, these continue to evolve.  But, remember, most of all kids need a safe place to rest their head and lots of love.  If they have nothing else in the world, it doesn’t matter as long as they have you.  

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  1. This great granted my Katie is 9 now I still go by the knowing what goes in her body. I make as much as possible and cold as much organic as I can. I love knowing what I’m putting on her and in her body 😊


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