My Energizer Bunny

The most fascinating part of my 11 month old daughter is her bounds of energy. Obviously, her ability to pick up new skills is pretty incredible, but her energy level in simply unbelievable.   I suppose, at one point in my life, I had this endless amount of energy as well, but I can’t recall that time.  At 36, I like to think I’m energetic and active, but she proves me wrong.  Every. Single. Day.

It was like when she turned 11 months old my milk turned into shots of espresso.  Which, could be possible considering the insane amount of coffee I now indulge in just to stay alive. If Pablo Escobar, himself, showered me in bags of Columbias finest I would still not have as much energy as her.  I look around her body for the battery pack, but it’s not there, so I can’t even turn her off.   I rejoice at nap time.  Utterly rejoice.  It’s a moment to breathe, get somewhat centered, and regroup for when she awakes.  I know that is a time I should be cleaning my home, but that is a totally null point since she will just awake and rip thru it all again.   I gave up the concept of a clean home a few months back when I deemed her Tiny Tornado.  So, I sit in a mound of toys, going a little stir crazy, silently sipping coffee so she doesn’t wake up.

I assume that this energy level is going to continue on and grow as she ages.  As she gains more and more freedom, and learns more and more limits, she is just going to boost in power.  This is exactly why you are at your highest fertility in your early 20’s.  I’ve never been an advocate of young people having kids, but I get it.  I understand why it’s ideal. Your body & mind are much more apt to deal with the huge life change that is a baby.  I don’t even understand these moms who have kids at 40+.  They must be a glutton for punishment.  I don’t understand moms who have more than 1 kid.  It gives me serious anxiety to even think of having another child.  For a hot moment, when she was first born, I thought it would be sweet to give her a sibling.  That was around the time I wasn’t getting any sleep, and insanity had clearly set in.

I’m hoping that her energy level keeps me young, that chasing her around keeps me in shape, and that a little bit of her magical power seeps back into me each time she nurses. So here we are at 11 months old.  In a few weeks, I will have successfully kept her alive for a year.  It’s incredibly mind blowing to me I have had this person almost a year.  What do I do now?  I pour another cup of coffee, sit by the fire, and wait for my Tiny Tornado to awake.  For when she does, she may just move mountains.


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