Super Boobs

We are women.  We are a mammal.  We are created to nurse our young.  It's encoded deep inside our DNA to produce life-giving substance for our babies.  It's, what I think, is a women's most fascinating feature.  I did not always feel this way.  Up until I got pregnant last year, I knew very little... Continue Reading →

3 months with her…

You've been with me 3 months, Emma.  In 3 months I have completely transformed into someone I never knew I could be.  I feel like I am a more patient, compassionate, and loving person due to you. I thought I loved your father, but the love I have for you almost hurts at times.  I... Continue Reading →

She’s here…Now what?

What's so interesting about having a baby is how much help you have in the first few hours.   Nurses are everywhere tending to your every need.  Your family comes to visit giving you time to breathe while they love on the new baby.  Everyone is attentive and helpful.  And then 24-48 hours later, you go home.... Continue Reading →

Labor…Part 2

Here we are.  In full-blown labor. In my planning phase, I made it very clear I wanted a natural childbirth.  No meds, zero intervention, no doctors poking at me, no nothing.  I was very determined that I was going to do this the way women, in my mind, should birth.  Besides, women have been having children... Continue Reading →

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