The 3rd Trimester

The third trimester…
Well, sweet Emma, we made it to the third trimester together. We had a few hiccups along the way, but you are safe and growing perfectly. Over the last several weeks you made life very different. It’s amazing how each trimester has evolved.  And it seems this one is all about movement.  You are moving so much I am sure you are going to be a gymnast, or dancer, or perhaps a ninja. Sometimes, I think you are going to bust right out of my body.

The first time I saw you move it was incredible. It was right about 19 weeks, and it was so very obvious a tiny human was inside me.  It was surreal, and so so beautiful.  When you really started moving several weeks later, it was completely overwhelming. I became very, very aware that we created a little person who was going to be greeting us soon.  And that was a very intense moment of realization.

You are consistent at 9:30 at night, which I appreciate because I enjoy a good schedule maker.   I can count on you having a party from 9:30-10pm.  And around 4am you decide to do it all again.  Erich thinks this is fascinating.  At first, anytime you started to move he would come over to feel you, and you would stop.  He thought you didn’t like him.  I just think he calmed you as he does me.  But eventually, your dance was strong enough that no one needed to touch you because we could see you so vividly.

You respond heavily to music now. I put my iPhone on my belly, and you dance and dance. You really like Stevie Wonder. You don’t seem to be to into a classical orchestra, but you sure do respond to acoustic piano. And that makes me very happy.
You kick back when I push on where you are kicking. It’s a fun little game we play. Now, if I could push you out of my ribs that would be awesome. You seem to have perched yourself there, and it’s not comfortable at all. In fact, the last 2 weeks has been fairly uncomfortable so I can only imagine how the next 2 months are going to go.
Your daddy is in love. I was not at all expecting him to be the way he is being about you.  He talks about you, and dotes over us, and has grand plans for us all.  It’s making my heart explode on a regular basis. He’s going to be the best father.  I’m so excited for you to meet him.
I’ve watched my body change tremendously. It’s so interesting how I can create you, contain you, and at some point, I am going to birth you. I don’t really feel anxious or concerned about anything which is odd because I am generally quite high strung.  My mother says I am the calmest she has ever seen me.  And I feel very calm and ready.  I am ready for you. But, I do pray to the sweet baby Jesus that my body goes back in place. My vanity gets the best of me sometimes.
I look at your ultra sound frequently. You have the cutest little nose in your profile. I can’t wait to see what you are like in the flesh. I know you are going to be perfect. We are going to love you regardless of how you are, but deep down inside, I know you are going to be stunning. I hope you get your dads blue eyes, and my good hair, and beautiful creamy soft skin.  I want you to have my nose and his smile.  I hope you get my long fingers so you can play piano with me, and his innovative mind. Be the best of us both.
I hope I made you a good, cozy, home inside me.  We have done a lot of work here in the outside world to make our house nice and safe for you. Your dad is really working hard to create you a good life. He’s such a good guy. Please don’t take him for granted. Ever.

Me, you can do that too. But not him.

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