I’m a Woman, a Mom, and I’m glad she didn’t Win.

Let me give you some insight into my life.  I’m a stay at home, white, 36 year old, middle class female living in Ohio.  My husband is 37, works incredibly long hard hours, owns 2 businesses,  we have a gorgeous 9 mo old daughter, and a cute little dog.  I’m sure we sound boring & basic to you.  I’m sure I’m going to offend people with this blog, lose “cyber friends” on the all mighty Facebook, and perhaps even enlighten some of you.

But, I am glad she didn’t win.

I look forward to the day that there is a woman president.  And yes, I do believe that day will come. I’ve read so many sorry posts about a “woman always losing to a man”, and I find that completely self-absorbed and defeatist.  In fact, the very woman who are spewing this misnomer are the very ones who claim to be so down for the cause.  I sit confused about this pessimistic viewpoint.  Why are you giving up hope and being so melodramatic?  Because your weak candidate didn’t win?  Women of the past that fought for women’s rights didn’t give up just because they lost one fight.  They kept fighting.  But, I guess it is easier to complain and cry, instead of stand and keep moving towards positive change.  Shame on you.

I chose to believe a woman will win one day.  The right woman.  A strong, ethically powerful, well spoken, educated, determined, deserving woman.  Clinton was not that woman.  And if you think she was, you’re either blind, ignorant, know nothing of politics, or simply wanted her to win because she has a vagina.  She was riddled with scandal, and her financial power was what allowed her to even get as far as she got. We all sat and watched her push Sanders right out of the way, and no one even seemed to care. Not even the huge amount of Sanders supporters.  No other citizen on the planet could have gotten away with what she got away with.  Her money spoke for her, not her voice.  And when she did try to use her voice to speak, she stumbled, she backtracked, she said what she thought the American people wanted to hear.  But, she was disconnected to the actual issues of the people who actually matter, the working class.  A millionaire/billionaire can never relate to a middle class citizen, let alone the weak and the poor.  And we are the ones working so hard, paying terribly high taxes, education, and medical fees.  We are the ones grinding every day to try to keep our heads above water in this economic pool that is drowning most of us.

I want a woman who is not in bed with banks, companies like Monsanto (who I deplore), & legal teams that can sway legalities in the direction of wrong.  I want a woman who is strong enough to walk away from a man who cheated on her and drug her name thru the mud.  I want a woman who uses funds for the good of the people, not herself.  I want a woman who provides a charity that actually does what it is supposed to do;  which is not to fund her daughter’s wedding.  I want a woman who is not surrounded by the scandal of murders, even if it is just conspiracy theory.  And I want a woman who can look the people in the eye, and you don’t doubt for one moment that she is telling the truth, and has the peoples best interest at heart.  I want a woman I can be proud of, and that my daughter can admire.

The man who took the presidency may not be the most fantastic option, and Lord knows his VP is someone I never ever would endorse.  But, they won.  Is Trump perfect, no way. But, I think it speaks volumes about what the American people were looking for.  They wanted to move into a different direction because the direction we have been going in is clearly not working.  We, as a country, are sinking.  Your hashtag #notmypresident is stupid because he is, in fact, your president.  Your asinine rioting, and burning of the American flags, show your utter disdain for the country you claim to love, and the hypocrisy or the peacefulness you claim to have.  What you better do is get involved in the options that he is laying out on the table, because it is my/your country to get involved in.  Sitting on the sidelines, staying silent, and letting the government make all your decisions for you, is why we are in such crisis.  Your voice will be better heard, and respected, if you are educated on the topics at hand, instead of running your mouth on pure emotion.  Instead of the endless division and hatred, unite and pray that this President surrounds himself with wise counsel because if he does make bad choices, we all go down with the ship.

So, as I sit sifting thru hate filled Twitter and Facebook posts, listening to the always biased news, and think about our next 4 years, I am happy I don’t have to tell my daughter her first woman president was a lying, heartless, scandal riddled crook.  But, I will never ever let her think that a woman can’t become president.  I will never utter those words to her. Because it can, and it will happen.  #sheiscoming


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  1. I agree with everything you just said. Couldn’t have said it better myself. It would have been very unfortunate if the first female president was a woman of this sort of character.

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