A Hot Tottie for the Single, Married Mom

Here’s a shout out to the single, married moms.  Here’s to the moms who have husbands that work all day, then come home at night, leaving you to fend for yourself and baby all alone.  Here’s to the moms who balance house cleaning, laundry, dinner cooking, dirty diapers, feeding a kid, errand running, and bath time all alone.  Here’s to the schedule makers that succeed in hitting the mark without the assistance of your spouse. And here’s to the moms that feel under the weather, but still get everything done because honestly, who else is going to do it?

Now, this is not to downplay the fact that a husband logs long hours at a job to keep a roof over head.  This is not to shame the man who just doesn’t realize that sometimes mom occasionally needs a break from the day to day routine.  This is simply to let all you single, yet married, moms know that I get it.  I understand.  For I am this mom.  And as I balanced my baby on my hip, carefully planned and executed a full dinner with desert, and bathed my kid all while coughing and sneezing my head off, I got angry, and felt abandoned by my other half.  And in that moment I realized, I surely can’t be alone in this.  There must be a tribe of women in the same boat as me, sailing the same waters, hoping the ship doesn’t sink.

So, here’s to you single, married moms!!  Keep smiling like nothings wrong.  Keep raising that baby so they know at least one parent will always be present.  And keep the domestic hustle alive.  Tonight, as I pour myself a whisky filled with honey to kick a cold, he will look at me in shock because I am having a cocktail, which never occurs.  And I will tell him it is because of my cold.  But, in part, it’s secretly to celebrate me, and all the other single married moms who never get a chance to just kick back and indulge for one moment.  Cheers!! hot_toddy_1

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