5 Months is Fun

Five months old.  I can barely even believe I have a 5 month old baby girl.  This has gone like a whirlwind, and it’s all I can do to keep up with the ever changing little person before me.  Five months is fun.  So fun.  I’ve honestly enjoyed watching your whole evolution to this point, but I wish you could stay at 5 months forever, and I would be so happy.

5 months bring so many sounds; girly giggles, scream queen screams, full belly laughs, angry shrieks, loud cries, soft coos.  I love hearing them all.  And so do you.  You think screaming is the most fun thing in the world to do, and you choose to do it around 6pm each evening.  5 months brings lots of rolling around because you can’t quite sit up yet, and you can’t crawl.  You are trying really hard to crawl, but it looks more like you are swimming in the air, which is rather amusing.  And you were very interested in sitting up, until you learned you have the option to stand up, and now you only want us to hold you in a standing position so you can jump around on us.

5 months brings jumping.  So much jumping.  Since holding you in a standing position was tiring, we decided you needed a jumparoo.  This is an overly priced toy that allows you to jump, jump, jump.  It was gifted to us by your GG, and you loves it!!!  You could jump in it for hours.  You jump when you’re happy, sad, and even sleepy.  You actually fell asleep while jumping the other night, and it was pretty hilarious.  Baby Einstein truly is a genius for this contraption.  It allows mommies arms a rest, and let’s baby Emma get exercise. Needless to say, you have slept like an angel since this new toy has been in your life.  God bless the jumparoo.

5 months has you reaching out to me when you want me to hold you, which pretty much makes my heart melt.  5 months has you fascinated with our tattoos, your daddy’s beard, Bandits tail, every tree you pass by, your feet, and every sound that occurs.  You are the most observant, and distracted, creature on the planet.  I love that you want to see and hear everything.  I can see you processing things in your brain, and it’s so much fun to watch.  I don’t care that you can’t focus on eating because you hear Rosie walking by and need to see her.  I don’t care that you can’t go right to sleep because you wants to soak in the very last bit of the day before you close your big blue eyes.  I don’t care that you want to touch everything that you are next to.  It’s how you are learning about the world.  So, I let you do it. And in return, you reward me with sleeping thru the night, and trying to give me to most slobbery gross kisses I have ever gotten.

5 months was food time.  So far, you’re not a huge fan of food.  You’ve had avocado, peaches, and apples.  I made these purees for you so I can ensure you are getting the best food you can get.  You spit it all out.  I like to think that I am just making such delicious milk that nothing can compare.  But, since you have to grow, food has to be introduced.  We will do it slowly.  This week you will get them all over again, and maybe something will tickle your tastebuds.  I love making your food.  I love watching your faces as you decide if it is worthy of swallowing.  As much of a new adventure as this all is for you, it is for me too.  We are in this together, kid.  Forever.

5 months is bigger clothes, a new button on the cloth diapers, longer hair that is starting to look wild, sharp fingernails that will cut you like a knife, and a new car seat.  5 months is leaning that your pet chihuahua does not appreciate having her ear chewed on, and that the dogs toy will leave you with a mouth full of fur.  5 months is mood swings,  longer naps, and eye contact that lets me know you understand.  5 months is cute summer dresses, hating your baby pool, loving nursery songs, and trying to grab mommies iphone.

5 months is fun.  So fun!   25 inches and 16 lbs of bliss to be exact.  And as 5 months comes to a close here in a few weeks, I look at you, my little darling, and beg for time to slow down.  I silently scream it.  How can it be that I am about to have a 6 month old baby? Didn’t I just bring you home yesterday as a tiny little, red, squishy, newborn?
13686602_10206750963321080_7542623711839085700_nWe can’t be here already…..

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