Super Boobs

We are women.  We are a mammal.  We are created to nurse our young.  It’s encoded deep inside our DNA to produce life-giving substance for our babies.  It’s, what I think, is a women’s most fascinating feature.  I did not always feel this way.  Up until I got pregnant last year, I knew very little about breastfeeding, and had never given it much thought.  I supported the women who were f2cc184e6-5fe2-4317-94ee-047c7d2fe79ceeding their kiddos out and about, but I didn’t really comprehend what was happening at that moment.  Even after taking breastfeeding classes and speaking with lactation consultants, I still didn’t really know.  It wasn’t until I got sweet Emma in my arms and started on the journey, did I really grasp the power of breastfeeding.

I’m not writing this to tell you what a fabulous bond it creates, how it’s mind-blowing women produce healing properties for our babies, or how this is truly evolution at it’s finest.  I’m going to tell you that I am disappointed in women’s verbiage.  And I want to see a shift in the breastfeeding moms mindset.  

As I read thru many of the mommy groups/breastfeeding groups that I am apart of on Facebook, I notice a trend.  It seems that women are calling their less productive boob their “slacker boob”.  At the beginning this did not even faze me, for I too have one breast that doesn’t make as much as the other.  I even laughed and made jokes with my husband about my left sides lower production level.  

All of this changed after a conversation with a young women who had undergone a mastectomy at a terribly young age.  As I sat and listened to her journey, the pain in her voice resonated so loudly, my mindset shifted.  I realized how selfish we must sound, and what a shameful term “slacker” was that we women were using about our bodies.  This poor mother wanted desperately to feed her unborn child, and would never be able to.  And here we are complaining about the ounce or two one side of our body produces, while the other side is making double or triple that.  Shame.  When did we, as women, become so increasingly negative and ungrateful about the miracles our body can achieve?

So, ladies, I urge you…Before you speak jokingly, negatively, or even sarcastically about your breast milk production, think for a second; how would you feel if you made no milk at all?  There are women who would love to be able to produce even 1 drop of milk for their child, let along what you are making with your “slacker” boob.  There are women who are dying to bond with their baby in the way that you have been blessed to bond with yours.  And there are women longing to hold their babies in their arms, experience the let down so many of us complain about, look into their little ones eyes and feed them, but can’t.

Mothers, let’s rid the world of the term slacker boob, and be just be thankful.  

For you have Super Boobs!

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  1. I was never able to breastfeed and wanted to. I do relate to others who for whatever reason cannot either. But, miraculously my daughters survived with bottle feeding.

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