2nd Trimester Fun

The second trimester
It is true what they say.  If you can get past the first 15 weeks, the sickness tends to ease up and a whole new slew of things occurs. I am still taking 2 Diclegis at night, (God bless that pill) and I am feeling so so much better.  The morning sickness has subsided so I can function on a mostly normal level once again.  Now comes the headaches, the bloody gums, weird pains in my side and stomach stretching.  But, we found out that you are ok gene wise, and we know what you are.  So, the second trimester is most welcome.

The realization hit me that I am having an actual child.  I am going to be a mother, and Erich is going to be a father.  The one perk of being an older mom, which apparently is 35 and older, is you’re required to take a blood test to check chromosomes.  This test also tells you the sex of the baby.  I was on the road back from Grand Rapids when they called to tell me that I was having a healthy baby girl.  A girl.  We discussed & hoped for a boy, but I was overwhelmed with happiness to hear “girl”.  When I called my husband to tell hime the news, Erich said, “I don’t want no stinking girl.” But he was quick to change his tune.
A girl…..wow

At 16 weeks I am writing this. We, well I,  have purchased you more clothing than you can possibly ever wear.  Your grandmothers are busy spoiling you with homemade goodies and plush blankets. Your daddy is dreaming of the little racer he is going to make out of you.   Everyone is getting into gear to welcome a new baby girl into the family.  You are going to be so loved. I wonder if you can already feel all of the love that is being bestowed upon you. Never take this love for granted as you age.  Nothing is more unconditional than the love of your family.

Your name will be Emma Brent. I hope you are ok with this. It was very important to me that you had your fathers name. And one day you will understand the importance of this name. Your dad picked Emma.  Emma is German, and so are you. You are also part Greek, and in that culture it is common to pass on the father middle name to the girl.  I didn’t know this when I chose it, but it worked out nicely.  Mostly, I wanted you to have your fathers initials. Names are very important, so never ever sulk at yours. Embrace it. It’s a powerful name with a strong heritage behind it.  And I want you to be powerful and strong.

I have a baby bump. It’s little. I mostly feel fat. But, your dad tells me he loves it and that I look beautiful. I think he may be lying to make me feel better, but I will take it.
He told me the other night, while I was asleep, he saw my bump and had his first freak out about being a dad.  I don’t know why he would freak out. He will be better at this than I probably will be. He seems to be already in dad mode.  He is watching me like a hawk to make sure I take very good care of you while you are still tiny. He’s become quite a protector. He’s going to spoil you rotten.  I can only imagine what he will be like when you get here. Lord help you.

I am patiently awaiting this kick I am supposed to be feeling.  I guess you are so nice and cozy that you don’t feel a lot like exercising.  You’re already take after me. 😏
Baby girl, a whole big world awaits you. I can’t believe I am the one giving it to you some days, but I am. If I have it my way, you will have the world. Because it will be what you deserve.

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